My Semi-Gothic Outfit…

Back to posting about my clothing options since it’s easier than my thoughts and dreams. I’m not very good at posting pictures of what I wear, but that’s okay.
I can’t be good at everything otherwise what would you do all day?
Come on now.

One thing that I have noticed about dressing myself is that the items I buy and wear that I think are the most questionable, those are the ones that people compliment the most.
This is one of those questionable outfits and actually one that I am not going to be wearing anymore.
It’s a little short and I don’t like to be worrying about those things.


Gothic Outfit 3

Now, you can’t really see why it’s gothic here, but the gothicness really comes from the skirt.
Look at this:

Gothic Skirt

It’s a black mini-skit with lace going down to the floor.
Pretty much what I would wear to a funeral or some sort of cemetery at night if I was weird.
But I am not, so I just try to make it natural in my life. Especially with dark lipstick.
As such:

Gothic Outfit 1

By the way, I have a younger brother.
It’s weird.


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