Okay, I am sure that you are all sick and tired of hearing about the Earthquake. It didn’t happen to you, so who cares?
Well, I do, because Surprise! It happened to me.

So, last Friday night I was at school and we were in the middle of our last class potluck. Why did we have a potluck?
I don’t know. The teacher apparently likes food a lot.
I brought a vegetable tray. Pretty much my go to item when someone asks me to bring something to a party.
I’m so domestic.

Anyways, we were in class in the middle of giving our final presentations since it was the last class in this particular course and all of a sudden the whole room started shaking.
And not just a little bit of shaking, but quite a bit.
Although nothing broke, it felt a lot like being in one of those Shaker Rooms at the fair where everything is moving around.
Then we all had to get underneath the tables, which I am hearing mixed reviews about whether you are supposed to do that or not.
Either way, we did get under the tables and just sat there while everything shook.
I personally didn’t find it scary, in fact I had a cookie in my mouth when the shaking started happening, which made everything a little less dramatic, because my mouth was full of cookie.
I wasn’t prepared.

The thing that was scary when this whole thing happened was we were all sitting beneath the tables in our school while the whole room shook and some of the girls in the class started crying, then they turned to me and one of them said:

Corrie, what the f is going on? What do we do?

I don’t remember being voted leader. In fact, I’m pretty sure by default the professor is supposed to be the leader.
Also, my mouth was still full of cookie.
But they were seriously looking to me for guidance, like I could stop the earthquake or something.
Well then they evacuated the school and I was walking out (being evacuated if you will) and I strangely found myself in the hall with no one in front of me, so I just kept walking looking for the stairs.
Turns out I was going the wrong way and when I turned around, my whole class was behind me.
Following me blindly as I was evacuating the wrong way.

This is what scared me  about the earthquake. Not the uncontrollable shaking or the major back/headaches I’ve been having afterwards, but that everyone wanted to follow me when I didn’t even know the escape route.
I’ve had this happen to me before, where something serious happens and then everyone turns to me for guidance.
It is very flattering in a way that when something goes down, I am the one they trust, but at the same time scary because maybe the school never explained their evac route and then you’re leading the group down the wrong hallway.

Anyways, I’m an earthquake survivor.
What up?


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