This is something.

I really want to post something today, but I am not really sure what.
I feel like not posting yesterday was kind of a bummer since I was on a roll last week with the post ideas.
And today I have nothing.
So I guess this will just be one of those post where I just say stuff.

I try not to blame the feeling of not wanting to do stuff or not having a full idea of what to do on Monday’s, because I feel like I should be stoked to get the week started.
But instead I am wearing glasses, cause I couldn’t be bothered with contacts. I am wearing a T-shirt, because I couldn’t be bothered with trying to look cute. And I’ve eaten fast food every meal so far today and had two cans of Diet Coke. That’s just because.
I did put on makeup though, which pretty much makes me a champion given the other situations.
I don’t think we should have a lot of expectations today at this point.
I have to say though, being a girl who spent her teenage years around 1275 lbs and now being skinnier, it kinda feels good to be one of those girls who can wear a T-shirt and still look cute.
Did I just declare I look cute today?
Yep. I did.
If I don’t say it, who will?
Come on now.

Last night I think that I had a Pokemon dream. I can’t be sure though.
There were just a lot of monsters, but not scary monsters.
I was living in a swamp and people kept falling in the water. (Stupid)
And there were monsters fighting in the water, which I can’t be sure they were realistic Pokemon, but it’s very possible.
So that’s how this grunge, fast food Monday started and frankly it all makes sense in my mind.

Welcome to the third week of March 2014, everyone.


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