I want it all.

Friday nights are particularly fun for me, because I have class on Friday nights. But not just any class, my class that is in La Palma. About 50 miles from my work.
So, my Fridays start at 4 am when I wake up, 6 am at work and then I have my lunch at 10 am.
Well then I work and have to leave from work to go to school. It takes me an hour and twenty minutes to get to school. Class starts at 6 and we don’t get out break until 8 pm.
So, from 10 am to 8 pm I have not eaten.

Here is the problem with me when I have not eaten for 10 hours: I end up going to a fast food place and buying a ton of food that I am not going to eat.
No, I don’t need a burger, four tacos and a medium fry from Jack in the Box.
But that happened.
And I only ended to eating one taco and the burger.

Here is the thing though, as I was eating this fairly big sizes burger, I started to wonder if I should not eat the whole thing.
Let me elaborate. I started thinking about other girls I know who are so small and dainty and cute. I started to wonder as I scarfed down this burger whether they would be eating the whole thing like I was.
I mean, if I went on a date would I eat the whole burger? Or would I only eat half?

Okay, I know I shouldn’t care what other girls do or what people think of me while I eat burgers, but it was something that came to mind.
I ate the whole thing and I doubt I will stop eating the whole thing, because I am not one of those girls.
I openly recognize that this is a stupid thing to think about.

I don’t know.


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