Natural Questions, I guess?

So, last month I turned 22 and I also had my third year anniversary on my blog. I didn’t say anything about it, but yeah.
Been blogging for three years now.

Anyways, now that I am yet again a year older, you realize how old you are getting.
I mean, I’m not old. I am 22.
I am old inside, but on the outside and in terms of when I am going to die, not that old.
It does however make me feel like I am very old. I think mostly, because I can remember very specific things that I used to think when I was 10 or younger. I remember very vividly thinking about when I would be grown up and what I would be like.
Natural thoughts.
Who am I going to be when I grow up? What will I look like? What will I do?

But I have recently realized that I did grow up.
As much as it may not feel like it, I already did that. It was done.
So,  the more I think about how I just went ahead and grew up when no one was looking, I begin to have one burning question in my mind:

Do people look at me and think I am an adult?

I mean, I don’t look at me and think I am an adult now.
I can look at a picture of me and think “Wow, look how young I am.” But I don’t look in the mirror and think “Wow, look how old I am.”
So, are people looking at me and thinking that I look like an adult or do they still see me as a child?
I do childish things forever. I’m a silly person.
And sometimes I am immature.
But at the same time I did grow up, so what is that?

Another question that I have been wondering since I am now a semi-adult.
Am I sexy?
Maybe that’s a weird question, but the other day I went to get a massage (Don’t laugh, I’ve got stress) and naturally I had to take off my shirt and bra and lay on my stomach so she could rub my back down.
And I started to wonder, if this was a man would there be any appeal to doing that?
Maybe that’s a weird question, but I have never thought of myself as a sexy person, but I also never thought of myself as an adult.
So, now that I have grown up despite myself, I wonder if I got sexy a little bit too?
Or if I am still the same.

If someone could answer these questions real quick, that would be great.


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