With the Texting.

Over the last year of my life, I have begun to realize something about myself that I feel is pretty uncommon for a 22-year-old girl in this day and age: I am really bad at texting.
Just terrible at it.

Here’s how I figure, I don’t really respond during the day. So if you text me during the day I don’t get it til I leave to go on lunch or til I go home, which is sometime between 6 am and 6 pm.
I don’t check my phone will I am at work.
I just end up working.
It’s weird.

Second reason, if you do happen to text me during these times and have something consistent to tell me, I usually only read the last text.
I recently realized what a problem this is and I am trying to read all of the text messages from now on when I go into a series of text.
But for the most part I will get off work and read the last text and just respond.
So essentially people need to restate everything they may have said to me in the last 10 hours in every text to make sure that I am paying attention.

Third, I over analyze texts.
Pretty much whatever someone sends me I end up over thinking and trying to decipher it.
Like a code. People keep texting me codes.
I just got this one:

It’s good i kind of slept in a little bit. How’s yours?

What the hell are you trying to say there, man?
I just asked you how your day was going. Don’t send me that.
Not exactly that, but if there is someone I am texting, I do read into what they are saying way more than I need to.

And the fourth reason I am bad at texting is I never know when it is appropriate to text someone.
I mean, for me a texting conversation restarts every morning. So, if someone sends me a text the night before about something, in the morning I will start with “Good Morning” again.
Very rarely will I continue the previous conversation.  Apparently you are not supposed to do that.
Also, I will send multiple texts when I don’t get a response. That’s apparently a huge don’t as well.
You are only supposed to send one.

This has led me to the conclusion that I should probably try not to consistently text people that I actually want to have a relationship (friendship or otherwise, Goodness) in real life.
If I only want to text with this person or they seem lonely, I will still do that. And my sister, because she doesn’t care about any of this.

I can’t text. It’s almost like I have social skills or something and my technology interaction skills are whack.
Yes, whack.
The end.


4 thoughts on “With the Texting.

  1. Well I’m not as young as you but I am terrible at texting as well. I keep trying to tell my kids not to text me because I hate trying to respond and I feel obligated to respond. I suppose it’s not as unusual to be bad at texting at 43 years old lol

  2. I never really thought about it that way, but there really are a lot of intricacies to keep up with. Strange. My friends seem to think the standard is to break up your overall statements into individual messages. “No, I didn’t go.” “I went to bed early.” “Have to wake up in the morning.” Three rapid-fired text messages. Which, for those of us who don’t have smartphones, is a NIGHTMARE.

    1. See and for me (a texting overthinker) those types of responses would make me think I was bugging that person. Rapid fire responses are what I send to my mother when she asks me a question.
      So, this again illustrates the issue I have. PFF.

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