Summer Preperations.

Summer is coming and I live in California. The year that I have been here, over the summer there was so much going on that I couldn’t really focus on things like what I was wearing.
But now it is becoming warm again (happens to do that very early here).
Each time the seasons change I have to redecide what I am going to wear.
I feel like every couple of weeks I am rethinking my entire “style”.
I don’t think I am a super fashionable person. I don’t really keep up with trends or make sure that I am always decked out super cute.
In fact, most days it’s cardigans, skinny jeans and Toms. It’s comfortable.

But as we are reaching the warmer season, I am actually considering wearing shorts. I haven’t wanted to wear shorts in years.
I got big and I didn’t want to wear shorts anymore. But I have lost weight and now I think I may be able to wear shorts.
Plus it’s hot.

Anyways, the problem with dressing nicely is that it’s really difficult to do it all week, whereas I only have to actually dress nicely once a week.
So it’s easy to decide how to dress in summer one day a week.
Also, it’s easier to talk about my clothes than my “feelings”.
I bought this dress:


With these shoes:


You can’t see the laces very well. But they are cute. Trust me.
Also, here is a selfie:


(I’m getting really good at those.)


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