Just Some Thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately and I was thinking about how I don’t post a lot.
So, this morning I was thinking

What if I just ran out of things to say?

Like that is even possible. I am talking all the time. I never shut up.
And it’s not like I just stopped thinking all of a sudden to where I would not have something to write about.
I think my issue with my blog currently is that I haven’t had consistent internet access in awhile, so a lot of the things that I would want to post about, I have to wait til I have a moment.
I wanted to make a video the other day in response to the people who commented on Red Rover, but I did not have access.

I think my biggest problem is that I have always used my blog to write out fully formed thoughts. I’ve thought of something that I want to talk about, thought about what I want to say and then wrote it up.
There have been a few posts here and there where I have just sat down and started typing (like this one), but most of the time I know everything that I have wanted to say before I even hit Add New Post.
I think I need to stop doing that.
I need to stop being worried about just posting a small thought or just a photo, because that can be good too.

So, here is my thought for today:

What the hell is gluten?

Ever since I moved to Southern California, I have heard people talk about how they are allergic to gluten.
What is that?
I have heard it is like being allergic to sugar, but then why can’t people say they are allergic to sugar?
Why do people even have to be worried about gluten?
Cave men were not worried about that and they ended up just fine. They even had more teeth then us, so what does that say?

But today I was eating some chips in the kitchen and then I noticed that they said they were “Gluten Free”.
I don’t even know what that means. I’m sure it’s a marketing ploy, but marketing should be understandable to everyone.

Hey! Our Chips are Ecstasy Free!

Those are some good chips.
Anyways, here is a selfie (Cause it’s Sunday):



5 thoughts on “Just Some Thoughts.

  1. Wait, you’re in SoCal? Did I know that? You should come out to our meet up on March 22nd in Long Beach!

    Gluten isn’t quite the same as sugar, but SoCal likes to get carried away by trends. I like to map how long someone’s been here by what food-craze was popular at the time. “Did you move to Cali when everyone was drinking bob, eating cupcakes, going out for froyo, or chasing taco trucks?” etc. :)

    1. Yeah, I’ve lived here a little over a year.
      And frozen yogurt is still a good trend to be following. Cupcakes not so much, they are just less cake.

      What type of meet up are you having?

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