Spiders are inevitable.

So, I have a cube. This is what I drive and it’s a beautiful thing.
The one thing about the cube though is that it doesn’t really have a high quality windshield.
You drive through one sandstorm and suddenly your windshield looks like crap.
Well, on Sunday I was driving from San Diego and I kept seeing these long scratches across the front of my windshield. Long thin scratches, not the short rock scratches that the sandstorm gives you.
I kept wondering where I got those from. If I had drove under a tree or if someone had keyed my windshield or what.

Anyways, yesterday I was driving and all of a sudden I saw one of the scratches move. I had the air conditioning on, you see.
So, I reached out and touched one of these “scratches”.
It was a spiderweb. In my car. On the inside.

How do spiders even get in your car? I mean, obviously they get in from the outside.
But really?
I mean, do you want to live in world where spiders can just come in your car and do whatever on your windshield? Cause I am living in that world and it’s horrible.

After I noticed until the time I got my car detailed I just imagined driving along and all of a sudden a spider jumping on my face.
How long was I living unaware of this? Why my car? What type of spider was it?
I’m not sure. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s fully gone.
When I asked the guy who detailed my car if there were still spiders, he said “Oh..Who knows?”

Time will tell.


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