Saturday Sweater

Lately I have been wearing the exact same thing every Saturday.
I mean, this month is a bit unique where I am actually working 3 Saturdays in a row instead of just the once a month.
Well, that kind of a bummer when I am still waking up at 4 am on a Saturday and it just ends up where I want to wear something comfortable.
Today when I got dressed I realized I have worn the same outfit the last three Saturdays and I will most like wear it next Saturday when I am working again.


It has an artistic elephant on it. Probably a metaphor in there somewhere.
And I usually wear it with skinny jeans and these:


They are Toms.
Some little girl in Haiti designed them. Which was big of her. I live in America and I haven’t designed anything.

Yeah, pretty sure I am going to wear this next Saturday on my last work weekend for a bit.


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