Red Rover, Red Rover…I’ll take anyone.

Okay, I would like you to read this paragraph and then close your eyes. (I can’t tell you to close your eyes now, cause you have to read)
Imagine the whole world was playing Red Rover. On one team though.
All the trillions of people on this planet all holding hands on one team. (And I actually imagine them more in a group holding hands, rather than a line. Better Effect.)
Just vast amounts of people holding hands in a group on one team.
Pretty powerful image, depending on how great of an imagination you have.

Well, sometimes I reach a point in my life where my job gets very stressful and I get overwhelmed. I have so many things I have to take care of, so many things I am trying to do. The whole time I am trying to be as calm and mature as possible while wishing I’m in bed the whole time and don’t scream at anyone.
And it’s during this time that I realize that everything would be 60x easier if I just had some positive reenforcement. Just someone going “Hey, you are doing a great job.” Or “Hey, you’ve got this.” But you really only hear about what you’re doing wrong.
I understand that this is not how the world works and that the default human setting is to be oblivious to most people’s triumphs except your own. But it’s also the default setting to need some form of praise.

This is when I think of that game of Red Rover where the whole world is playing on one team.
And I’m on the other team. Hoping someone will come over.
It’s times like these where I just want someone on my team.

That’s really all I had to say.


4 thoughts on “Red Rover, Red Rover…I’ll take anyone.

  1. I’m on your team. I totally agree with you and I do my level best to compliment every person I meet, to tell people when I think they are doing something good, and to let people know when I’m grateful for them for whatever reason. This was a great blog and I love the “red rover” analogy. Don’t worry. Some of us are already on your team, you just have to visualize us ;)

  2. I always approach my coworkers and tell them how great of a job they’re doing. At first they took it as a joke (I’m not their manager or supervisor) but after a while they started getting really excited and telling me the same thing. Once people start feeling appreciated they start to reciprocate and it just makes the work environment that much better.

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