Movie Quotes that describe my Love Life.

Okay, so my life is just one big reference to a movie or book or something that you have never heard of.
Or you have not thought about in years.
I’ve learned to live with this.
I have been called a hipster before. It is what it is.

So, since my life is one huge quote after another, I had decided on the week of Valentines Day to find the correct references that would describe my love life.
Now, if I was looking for a quote that would bring up all the girly feelings and romanticism that you want to feel, it would be a Harry Potter quote (Snape, always. You know)
But that is not how my life with love works.
Not even close.

Therefore (totally pulled off that word), I have been thinking about quotes and references that would describe my love life for the last couple of weeks.
And I have narrowed it down to two.
Keep in mind that this is coming from someone, who if you follow my blog, doesn’t have a lot of luck with males and hasn’t been in a relationship for over a year and a half.

Both quotes come from my two favorite moves (big surprise).
The first one I could not find an image or a video of this particular scene, but it comes from the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou where Bill Murray turns to Cate Blanchett, who is a reporter, after finding out she is writing a bit of a derogatory article about him and he says:

Please don’t make fun of me, I just wanted to flirt with you. 

Okay, I would like to think it’s obvious why this is a good love/dating quote, but some people have a lot of luck.
Pretty much when you are an awkward individual and you make a pass at someone and they are not having it, the least you want to ask is that they don’t make fun of you.
I mean, it should be common courtesy, but it’s not.
So, this is my first love quote that describes my love life. The soft small hope that someone will at least not make fun of you for putting yourself out there.

Also, here is Bill Murray:

life aquatic

The second quote comes from the move Eagle vs. Shark, which the tag line for this movie is ‘Luckily, Love is Blind.’
There you go right there.
But I was able to actually find a video of this scene, which works out cause I wouldn’t be able to describe it:

This one I also feel describes itself.
It’s sad, but oh so relatable from both ends.
Also, I feel that applies to so many things that I attempt in my life. Whenever something goes wrong I just want to say:

Well I wasn’t even serious.

It could just apply to so may things. Including checking my bank account and expecting to have enough money for something.
I wasn’t even serious about buying that.

Anyways, I know I only said two quotes, but I just love this last one (Still from Eagle vs. Shark), because I have done this so many times and will probably do it again on Valentines.

You know…


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