I’m really skinny now, I promise!

So, I have been overweight for a while.
I have this fat picture that I should people sometimes of when I was 15 years old and I weighed 275 lbs.
It’s insane.
It takes awhile to lose weight. I have been trying to get my weight off for years and it just seems to be a slow process of only losing about 20 lbs a year.
Last year I started to do Nutrisystem which helped a lot, but then when I couldn’t pay for it, I just started running for an hour and five minutes everyday.
And that is what I have been doing since.
(Obviously I have skipped a few days, but that’s fine. Right?)

So, because of this, in the last 6 months I have lost two pant sizes and counting.
It’s been my most successful year yet.
Except…I seem to be the only person who notices this.
Or at least you would think that people would be excited for you, but instead they are the opposite.
Like I recently moved (last weekend) from out of a house that the landlord wouldn’t fix anything. Before I moved I would use my landlord’s elliptical to run on (it’s easier on your back.).
Well, last night my mother says to me:

Are you going to join a gym or something?
Your stomach was finally going down and now you aren’t working out.

Woah. Hey now.
Now, when you have been consistently working out for four months, you are very aware that you have not worked out in a few days.
In fact, you feel really fat and lazy.
I even tried running on the street and it was horrible. It got really dark and I thought someone was going to try to rape.
Cause I’m super attractive when I am trying to run up hills in the dark.
The point is, I do not get paid tomorrow. So there is no money for gyms right now.
There will be tomorrow, but definitely not right now.

Then my mother brings up that I would probably feel better if I dieted and that you cannot just eat whatever you want all the time.
Again, calm down. I had yogurt with granola for breakfast today.
Don’t even start with me, because I haven’t had pancakes in two weeks.
After that, because I am a girl, I start to complain a little to my sister about the whole dieting and my weight thing.
She says:

I think it’s unrealistic for you to think you will never diet again. You’re going to have to diet sometime.

Isn’t the point of losing weight to find a way that is maintainable without having to do extreme diets?
I feel like I am on crazy pills.

Then, as if I needed some salt in my clearly open mouth, randomly my coworker says to me yesterday during lunch:

I notice you’re not dieting anymore…

I don’t even know where she was going with that. I stopped listening.
I stop listening to people when they overstep boundaries that other people are already poking at.

So, my question is, what the hell everybody?
Am I looking fat?
Because every week when I look in the mirror, I see less fat.
And you almost feel like saying to people, which I wouldn’t cause I care about these people and their self-esteem (ironically):Ā I’m sorry, when was the last time you worked out? What diet are you on? How much weight have you lost? Cause I’m confused.
But I won’t, because I’m a lady.

Anyways, to end this on a positive note, I have been searching for things to wear on my birthday and Valentines Day.
And the interesting thing that I see happen more and more, is that whenever I go to the store and I find something on a hanger and I think “I’ll try this on, but there is no way.”
It now looks amazing on me.
I can now wear questionable clothing that I would have never looked good in.

So suck it everyone.


5 thoughts on “I’m really skinny now, I promise!

  1. Hurrah for questionable clothes, maintainable lifestyles, ignoring boundary-pokers, and being a lady! :) I have no idea what you looked like or felt like before or after– but you seem happy with where you are now, and clear on where you’re going. To me, that seems awesome. When’s your birthday? :)

  2. You go girl! Don’t let others get you down. You know what you are doing and what needs doing. People just like to think they have the answers for others because they seldom have the answers for themselves.

  3. Congrats on losing weight and being able tow wear whatever you want.
    About dieting, everybody’s body is different but when you’ve attained the weight you wanted, there is no reason for dieting anymore, just eating what you need or if you go over it, excercising accordingly is the key.
    These past 2 years I haven’t been excercising accordingly to what I ate…Still the idea of dieting seems not that good to me. I’m gonna work out and hopefully try to eat a bit less shit and it’ll be fine.

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