Valentines and stuff.

Here’s the thing about my life, I’ve mentioned a few times that I don’t really have the best luck with men.
So, I’ve never actually gone on a date on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t really mean that much to me.
I found myself looking for a Valentine’s Dat outfit and an outfit for my birthday (which are in the same week, so it might be overkill, but both important.)
You see, I am pretty much a jean and sweater or v-neck type person.
Dressing up everyday is a lot of work. I mean, I know it seems like you just get dressed and then never think about it again, but once I get dressed it does seem like work afterwards.
For example, I have a lace skirt, I have to hold it anytime I walk because it gets caught on my heels.
And it’s too long to wear a flat boot with it. And heels are a nightmare in itself. Those are hella work.
But I have to say the things that should be simple and is the worst ever is lipstick. (Spell check offered me liposuction there, laugh.)
With lipstick it’s like if I even think I have to reapply it. It gets all over everything, including my teeth. Then it rubs off and it smears so I look like the freaking Joker. Luckily I found lip stain or else my life would just be a mess.

Now, I realize that whole section of reading might have been boring, which was my point. It’s boring and hard work to be a “girl”.
Which is why jeans work just fine.
However I am someone who likes to wear nice clothes and get dressed up and look pretty. (Remember the Christmas party)
So, instead of putting out more effort than just doing my make up on everyday, I find “special occasions” where I can do it in short bursts.
Like my birthday or Valentines day. So, even though I do nothing on either of them and they do not matter so much, I should dress up, because it’s not like I’m doing it any other time.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this, so I will just end with one of my favorite jokes.
Did you hear about the circus fire?

It was intense.


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