I had a Zombie Dream last night.

I am having one of those weeks where you did not get enough sleep Sunday night to be well rested on Monday. So, then you don’t feel well rested all the rest of the week.
Because of this, I have been waking up (at 4 am) with that ‘I’m too tired for this’ headache that you get when you are woken up in the middle of a REM cycle.
BUT! I’ve been having some weird dreams due to this as well.

So, last night I had a dream that my best friend (which I can never tell when someone is my best friend or just my only friend, probably the latter) had gone to a fair.

Not like a carnival, but the kind where they bring out a bunch of squashes that we are supposed to be impressed with.
If I was going to be impressed with vegetables, I would probably eat them.

Anyways we were at this fair and then the fair ended. The family that put on the fair was moving things inside and I offered to help>
I don’t know. Maybe I enjoy manual labor in my dreams?
So we are helping them clean up and they invite us to dinner. Well, they live in those old country looking house that is very big, but you can’t call it a mansion, because it’s not nice looking. It’s too country for that.

Well then we are cleaning up after dinner (we did a lot of cleaning in this dream, I’m not sure why) and all of a sudden the father of this country fair family comes out and he is bleeding from the head and groaning a little.
Which is normal, because if I was bleeding from my head, I would be unhappy too. But then he got this sinister look in his eyes and I just thought:

Oh (s word), he’s a zombie!

And so I go ahead pull this gun they had hanging out their wall (they were very stereotypical country) and shoot him in the head.

Tangent: Where does my dream self get off? Someone does something a little weird and I come up with the brilliant idea in 5 seconds that he’s a zombie?
And then I go ahead and shoot him in the head with someone else’s gun and in someone else’s house. I’m sure they would invite me back. PFF.

Well, everyone starts screaming and I go look outside and I see all their country friends starting to get weird.
So, I board up the house (again super presumptive) and all of a sudden my friend’s mother comes downstairs screaming that she is turning. She is freaking out and starts to growl a little.
So, I shot her in the face.
And this is where it gets a little tricky, because apparently my friend didn’t like me shooting her mother in the face. In fact, she was very upset.

Okay, I get why that would be upsetting. That is your mother you love her. I really don’t want anyone to shoot my mother in the face either.
But the same rules apply if your mother was a lion.
It was really out my hands.

Well, so after she finally calmed down, I asked this pregnant country daughter if they had any other guns in the house (because obviously I was just shooting everyone and ran out of ammo). And she said yes.
I asked where it was and then she runs up stairs like this is a game and my friend follows her.
Then she spends twenty minutes packing while the whole time I am trying to find these other guns.
Then her husband comes out with their other daughter and says he is running to the store to get milk. Like it was no big deal.
I said no, because that would give off our location. But he decides to go anyways.

Well then I try to get my friend to leave with me and she is still messing around with the pregnant lady. They started dancing and all around us zombies are breaking into the house.

This is where I woke up.
If there is some sort of convoluted message I learned from this is that what happens next in the dream would be me leaving my friend.
And that sucks.
But I wonder if that is how it just has to be.

Anyways, Happy Friday.


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