Hello, you’ll never know you hurt my feelings.

Okay, do you ever have something happen or someone do something to you that you know shouldn’t bother you that much?
So, you just blow it off. Then hypothetically you are working out and in the middle of sprinting you start bawling?
It was just something simple and it shouldn’t have upset you so much, but it did. And that person was not a vital or even important person in your life, but they also weren’t a stranger.
So, you end up wondering are you just overly sensitive? Is this just the straw that broke the camels back?
Why are you really upset about this?

But maybe there isn’t a deeper reason. Maybe you are just upset because someone demeaned you and was rude. Maybe life is simple.
And then you wish that this person would know, because in the end they would probably never guess they made me cry.
Why would they?

So, you almost feel like telling them. Writing them a strongly worded letter just saying:

I helped you. I gave you advise. I worked with you and asked nothing in return?
Then you do this? Then you degrade me for it?
You’re a monster.

And monster is harsh, but you just want them to feel bad about themselves. Ashamed.
You want them to feel just as horrible as they made you feel.

But that’s not right either.
Because I know better. I am the bigger person who after I’m done crying thinks “Maybe they were having a bad day.”
And that thought sucks too, because I have bad days that I don’t do that to someone.

So, in the end you do have to get over it and blow it off. That person will never know what they did.
And they will probably never wonder why you never spoke to them again.
But this is life and that’s how being the better person is.

I deserve candy. Just saying.


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