Conceptual, I guess.

So, I’ve been feeling pretty lonely lately. Most of the time I am pretty accepting of my loner type life, but loneliness happens.
It just happens.

Well, I started to try and think of things I’ve done before to combat loneliness. And I first came to the conclusion that I should visit my brother.
One of my best friends, so that works.

Then I thought about painting.
You know, last night I saw something and I thought: “I should paint that.”
But then I remembered that I am not very good and things never look the way I want them to.
But then today when I was feeling lonely and thinking I should put a stop to it, I remembered this painting that I literally started 8 months ago and never finished.

Let me elaborate further, 8 months ago I drew some very poor looking half men and then stuck it in the back of my car for 3 months.
Then about 5 months ago I painted those half men in and then painted around them a little.
That’s about it.

But today as I was feeling lonely, I thought about it and I finished it:


That’s the painting I started 8 months ago when I was probably feeling the same way I am today.
And I finger painted most of it, as I do. And as I was finger painting I watched my hand and I felt so amazed watching this picture come out of my finger.
So, I’m a bit proud of my silly, flawed painting.

And I feel it looks a lot like how life is sometimes.


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