Thursday/Monday after Christmas

Okay, Christmas is over children.
Which I feel really becomes the climax of the year near the end. It’s like we have all been building up to Christmas.
That moment at the end of the year where you just get to relax and cherish a few things.
Even though right before it is super stressful.
I honestly thought that if one more person cut me off or stole my parking spot, I was going to lose it.
In fact, I was so damn tired and stressed out that I could barely think at work on Tuesday.
Luckily it was pretty slow that day.

Anyways, today I feel fine. I was actually wide awake this morning when I woke up at 4:15 am.
And I was able to get myself out of the door before 5:30, which had been pretty much a miracle after the past three weeks.
Also, not to brag too much, but I have already drank 3 glasses of water. Pretty much on a roll here.

However, despite the rest and the newly found strength to carry on, it definitely felt like a Monday walking into work today.
First off, I spent most of my earliness taking down my Christmas decorations that I had decorated my cubicle with. It was really sad.
Now there really isn’t anything on my cubicle walls.
It’s just a box in which I sit in.
Not even fort-like.

And I guess there is just this feeling I am getting after Christmas that is just a bit like “Now what?”
I mean, I have plans for the new year and things that I have been working on, but it’s just a little bit disheartening and there’s no real common goal for everyone anymore.
And none of the festive clothes anymore either or the nice looking family photos.
That’s a bummer.

But I think the real thing that is bothering me most is how quickly you’re “back in the swing of things”.
I work Monday and Tuesday, I was off Wednesday and now I am back on for Thursday.
Like nothing happened.

I don’t know, it feels like a Monday and everything has been taken down. And it’s not that I need closure on Christmas, I guess I can just feel time passing today?
Feel how quickly things change and how fleeting things are.
Not in a depressed way, just acknowledging its there.

I don’t know. It’s weird.


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