Did I show you my decorated cubicle?

So, when my work had their Christmas party, as it turns out I went with my really good friend and her fiance.
My friend works with me, but her fiance does not. He works at a smaller company that does not have so many employees.

When he came upstairs to take a look at both her and my cubicle’s, he was pretty shocked at how bare they were.
He said a few things like:

Why wouldn’t you guys decorate your cubicles?
This is pretty much your second home.

I disagree.
But the next week I went ahead and decorated my cubicle for Christmas.
Most likely because of my continued efforts to bring back the spirit of Christmas into my life.


This one has my tree in it.


That’s all.


One thought on “Did I show you my decorated cubicle?

  1. Sparkly!!! :-) Happy Christmas!!!

    On a random note, do you find that window that comes up in the reader before viewing any post annoying too? I hope it gets changed back for Christmas.

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