Are you better off?

One thing that I have noticed about myself is that once a date gets brought into my brain, I hold on to it forever.
And not for an anniversary type deal, but more for a passing of time.

On December 4, 2012 I moved to Orange County.
One year ago today.
I moved from Las Vegas where I was raised, and lived for 18 years, and  came up to Orange Country to live closer (and live with) my parents.

So, on this anniversary if you will, I happen to be wondering if I am better off than if I had stayed in Las Vegas.
And surprisingly I am thinking the answer is yes.

Now, I did say surprisingly and no one is more surprised than me.
Does anyone remember the movie Encino Man with Paulie Shore?
I was watching it the other day and Sam from Lord of the Rings says to Paulie Shore that he is not cool. Paulie Shore then says:

I am cool. I am just underrated because I live here in Encino.

This is me here in Orange County. I am just underrated.
And being social is hard. No one really values the traits and qualities that I have always through were admirable in a person. Traits that I happen to have worked to have.
I don’t trust any of these people.
Negative 16 points for Orange County.

But there are more factors than just social that play into the “Are you better off question?”
Socially am I better off? Not really.
But I am better off with my family. I resented the heckle out of them when I was living in Las Vegas.
I was so bitter at my father and I thought my mother wished I was never born.
There is none of that going on now.
We are all happy to be around each other.
So, 6 point for family in Orange County.

Second, I have a good job where I am making almost double what I made in Las Vegas.
But I am paying the same amount of rent.
Yes, this amount of rent now goes to my parents and not to a roommate, but when I lived on my own with the roommate, I was always alone.
I spent all my time watching Netflix.
This is all I did. FOR A YEAR!
I was by myself always.
So, 1 point for anti-loneliness in Orange County.

But even though I am not as lonely, I still don’t have many friends and a boyfriend here is pretty much non-existent.
Apparently men find me weird? What?
Negative 3 points for my weirdness in Orange County.

Then there is also the fact of my job. I have a pretty good job that pays well that I did not have before.
I actually work at a bigger company, which means more variety of people.
And it is tech support mixed with customer service, which means I get to use my techy talents without feeling like I am anti-social and never talking to anyone.
And I make good money.
So, 2 point for a better job in Orange County.

But the thing that I feel is most important when looking at if I am better off is that I am happier. (+5 points)
I have better clothing and better lifestyle here. (+1 points)
And I now own a Cube which I would not if I lived in Vegas. (+632 points)

What does this mean?
That life is much cleared when I assign fake points to everything that I own.
Also, the glass is half full.
Even if you are still weird.


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