The Christmas Party

So, my company is having a Christmas party.
Normal behavior.
It’s happening this week. That’s cool.
Except I am pretty nervous about it.

You see, this will be my first real Christmas party or more generally my first real adult party. And it’s cocktail attire.
It’s apparently a very big deal. My company has 250 employees roughly and last year they just went ahead and rented a Casino banquette hall for the party.

Did I ever mention I don’t like parties very much? They make me uncomfortable.

So I get the notice of the party and I go out and buy a fancy dress.
I mean, that’s what you do right?
I went out and bought a semi-fancy dress and jewelry for it. The works.
It was very stressful, because I don’t frankly know what cocktail attire is, just bought the first red dress that looked nice enough on me.
Which happens to be sleeveless. And it was one of those moments that happen after you lose weight where you know something shouldn’t look good on you, but it does.

Then the next Monday I go to work and someone asks me:

So, who are you taking to the Christmas party?

Uh, what? It’s not the prom.
I didn’t know I was supposed to bring someone.
I clicked the RSVP for one way too fast. Then I find out that most of the people at work I am accustomed to are not going.
And that’s why I don’t like parties so much. Cause I don’t want to sit there alone all night in a dress I may not look good in. Or look like I am trying too hard.

Also, I feel like I should be trying to impress these people. I mean, I was just barely hired on.
So, I would want to bring someone who looked like a movie star and was wearing Ben Sherman and can dance really well and would only talk about Science.
I don’t know if this is stuff that’s actually impressive or would just impress me.
But Science is for sure impressive and that’s my fake dates ace in the whole to make me look good.

Anyways, I am not one for parties. Especially not parties that I am going to feel uncomfortable the whole time. It stresses me out. But I always go, because I would feel even lamer if I didn’t.
Hopefully they have good food.

This is what Christmas is about…


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