4 day weekend.

My company that I am currently working for is actually renowned for how happy their employees are.
One of those things that they do that make employees really happy is Bagel Friday. They buy bagels for all their employees on Fridays. All 250 of them.
Or like this weekend, we all had Friday off with Thursday for the holiday. Except for a few people who volunteered to work Friday.

So, I was pretty stoked about having a four day weekend, I thought it would be like when I was in school and we were all stoked about having a four day weekend.
Okay… I don’t remember what I used to do on four day weekends when I was in school. But all I did this weekend was lay around.
I mean, I am going to be pretty broke until after the first of the year, I already figured that one out. So, I didn’t have any money to do something, but I can’t imagine that I would have had more money when I was in school.
But I can’t remember being this bored or stir crazy.
Right now I am sitting in my car writing this. I’m not even going anywhere, just sitting in my car.

The problem with doing literally nothing all day is how quickly it is to get down on yourself.
All you are doing all day is thinking and so you end up thinking about things that aren’t going quite so right or things that you aren’t doing so well on and it just ends up getting too much.
I found that I just got really cranky. So this is the weekend I learned that if I am upset I just need to wait at least two hours until I text someone back.
That will come in handy.

I guess the thing that is always so weird about weekends like this is that I wish I could go to work, because then I would have something to do all day, but I still don’t want to go to work because its work.
I’m thinking I need to get back into more of my hobbies again.
Also, find more people to talk to. That’s going on the To Do list.
I mean honestly though, what do people do on the weekends and vacations and such?
Live life to the fullest?

I’m going to make a grilled cheese. Happy December 1st.


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