Okay, I have to say that one of the most under appreciated clothing items would have to be socks.
I honestly don’t even really wear socks until the winter time, because I wear nylons with dresses and such.
But I swear that I will be super cold at night and then put on a pair of socks and feel warm and sleepy.
I’m not saying socks are like Ambient, but…

The biggest problem I have with them though is once I take off my socks, one of them is lost forever.
So I find myself buying a new pack every single month, because in a few there will only be one pair left that I can fine out of the five I previously bought.
What is that?

When I was young I used to really love knee high socks with the many different colors. I had rainbow ones and bright yellow ones and so forth. Sometimes I wouldn’t even match them and I wore them everyday.
And not even for attention, I would wear them under my jeans.
I wasn’t much for shorts cause of my weight.
The same went with bras and panties. I liked bright colors and lots of patterns. And no one ever saw them, so it didn’t really matter.
But now when I go but any of these, I just want black.
Black bra, black panties, black socks.
And not sexy ones either. Just plain functioning ones. I find them comforting for some reason.
Probably because my soul is filled with darkness.
You know.

I openly recognize this is not my best topic.


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