“It’s Better to be Overdress than Underdressed.”

Okay, my grandmother on my mother’s side used to have a saying:

It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

I don’t know if that’s an original saying to her or not.
I didn’t really know her that well.

Anyways, when I moved to California almost a year ago I wanted to make some changes to my appearance and how I present myself.
Mainly I wanted to do my make up everyday from then on and to dress a bit nicer than I presently was.
AKA I was a hot mess in Las Vegas.

Not really, I just didn’t really take much pride in doing my make up or not everyday.
If I went to work without makeup on, that was okay. Although not really.
When I moved here I decided that I should either do my make up everyday or not do it at all.
Which, as I have mentioned, I really like playing with make up. So I decided that I needed to do my make up every day.
Except weekends, because that’s just asking a little too much.

Another thing that I did was I threw away all of my clothes.
Literally all of them.
And I decided that I wanted to dress more adult-like, less eccentric. By less eccentric I mostly decided that I wanted to stop making statements with my clothes.
I wanted to make my own statements.
I also decided I was going to start wearing the nice clothes that I wanted to whether I have lost weight or not.
And now that I have lost weight, even more so I have started dressing very nicely. I’ve also started wearing heels and whatnot.
I buy very nice clothes and I wear them.
Not necessarily on the weekend though.

Here is the issue with this…I feel uncomfortable now.
Like last night, my mother signed myself and her up for a service project at her church in which they wanted me to wear a dress.
So, I show up in one of my dresses that I have recently purchased and heels. Stuff that I would wear to work or any other occasion.
Then I show up and all the other women are dressed in natural colors with flats and in a frumpy manner.
I looked them and I thought:

Oh Man, I am overdressed. 

Then as I got to thinking about it, anything I would have worn would have been overdressed now.
I don’t have any clothes that would have fit in with what everyone else was wearing.

Now, on the one hand this is good. I am making a good impression of myself, but on the other hand I wonder if this makes it look like I am trying too hard.
Like I am condescending in my dress-wearing.
That’s why I had to stop wearing business casual at work. Everyone else was in hoodies and I was in Business Casual.

I don’t know. I am mostly complaining at this point.
All I am saying is that it’s very difficult to dress nicely when everyone else looks like they do not care.
And I know that you should only focus on yourself, but other factors do come into play.

Good thing all next month I am going to be wearing ugly sweaters, huh?


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