You weren’t supposed to see that…

It’s always my favorite when I wake up and realize I posted something that I didn’t mean to.
Especially after I haven’t posted for a few day and then the first thing that I say is one line in a post that I was starting to write.
And then afterwards I don’t even want to post about that thing I was going to for awhile, because it seems weird after I accidentally did it once incompletely.

Lately it’s been a little difficult blogging about things. Not just because I don’t have Internet in my house or because I’ve been working so hard.
But also because there has been a lot of things going on and I’ve been very pensive about life and such.
I feel like every small thing in life I have begun to question it. Even the things I write on my blog, although I have always questioned that.
Also, sometimes I want to write a post out, but then I want to do a video post.
Then I do nothing.

Anyways, sorry about that.
I don’t have much else to say.
So, on a final note, 10 minutes ago I hit my funny bone. I yelled out in pain. It wasn’t funny.
And I couldn’t help but think at the dark humor of the person who decided to name this particular painful area a “funny bone”. And then the other people who decided that was a good idea and let that catch on.
These were the people I cursed ten minutes ago.
Let’s face it. They are horrible people.

Have a Good Morning!


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