“Thank You Corrie Kartchner.”

“Dear Corrie Kartchner,

I just was writing to let you know that I see the things you do. I see how hard you try. How tired you are. How frustrated you are. How lonely you are.

I see the things you do. I see the things you do that you don’t particularly want to do. I see the things you hate to do, but do them anyway.
I see the things you do want to do, but try not to think about because you can’t do them. I see the things you get excited about, but then it doesn’t happen. The things you try for, but it doesn’t work out. I see your failures.
I see the times that you feel like that fish yelling in an empty room in the Krusty Krab Training Video and then someone throws a brick at your face to get you to shut up.
I see you are actually kinda funny, caring and fun.

So, I’m just writing this letter to say ‘Thank you’.
Thank you for trying your best. Thank you for getting up at 4 am every morning and just doing whatever you can.
Thank you for being a good sport. Thank you for trying. Thank you for smiling and being pleasant when you aren’t.
Thank you for being dorky. Thank you for being intellectual. Thank you for being eccentric
Thank you for remembering people’s names and dressing nicely. Thank you for working your butt off while others don’t. Thank you for only focusing on you.
Thank you for switching shifts with the office jerk when no one else would and even though it wasn’t your best decision. Thank you for being nice to the girls at work who openly report you.
Thank you for not dehumanizing people. Thank you for noticing someone is being dehumanized and trying to rectify it.
Thank you for not being a slut. Thank you for being a romantic. Thank you for respecting men. Thank you for not being controlling.
Thank you for caring about people and being there for them despite lack of reciprocation. Thank you for not saying all the things you could. Thank you for refraining.
And mostly thank you for respecting and really liking yourself despite what people say about or to you.

Again, just thank you for doing your best with what you’ve got.
I know it seems like the things you do are pointless, but I want you to know that they mean something to me, even if I’m the only one.

Just Thank You.
That’s all.

So, sometimes you want someone to notice all the little things you do everyday. You need some appreciation and pep.
But life isn’t really like that. That’s not how it works. People don’t notice anyone but themselves in that sense.

That’s why I wrote a letter to myself. An appreciation letter listing most the things I wish someone else would appreciate about me.
Now, maybe that seems conceited. If that’s the case, you should probably stop reading my blog now. I’m chalk full of that crap.
That’s all.


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