What I’ve learned from working out…

One of the things about people in Orange County is that they have all these healthy hobbies.
Like if you ask them what their hobbies are they say something like biking or running.
They actually think running is fun. And they have like clubs of them just running.
Here’s the thing about running: There’s no reason to run ever unless someone is chasing you.

So, about two months ago I started working out.
Which is actually a big deal for me, because I have never wanted to workout ever.
And I have been really consistent. I have been working out for an hour and five minutes almost every single day.
And after working out consistently for two months, I can now sprint for about 10 minutes and 22 seconds before my throat gets that brick in it and you feel like your dying.
I can also burn close to 400 calories in 35 minutes.

Now, according to my rule about running, that means that if someone was chasing me, I would have 10 minutes and 22 seconds of head start on that guy.
But we would have to figure in adrenaline. So we will give adrenaline about 5 minutes and 56 seconds of running as fast as I can.
Then again we would have to think about what shoes I am wearing. Which could be anything.
So, I will take three minutes off for that.

Basically if I were in a horror movie and I strangely ended up outside in my pajamas barefoot investigating a noise of someone’s head being chopped off, there would be about 13 minutes and 18 seconds of film where I am just running as fast as I can.
Then there would probably be a scene of me walking it off. Then passing out.


Uh, Impressed yet?


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