Figure Eight.

Does anyone remember School House Rock?
Those were the best. I mean, I still remember most of my grammar from singing those songs. I honestly think there is no better way to learn the basics than those silly songs and 70s type cartoons.
Well, the multiplication song for 8 multiples was called “Figure 8”

“Figure Eight…is double Four.
Figure Four…is half of Eight.
If you skate, you would be great
If you could make, a Figure Eight…”

(Written from Memory.)

That song came to mind (even though I always thought it was one of their more boring songs) as I was thinking about some of the issues I am facing right now. At work or otherwise.

There is this guy at my work who comes in and you never really see him. He doesn’t really talk to anyone, unless they talk to him. He doesn’t say anything as he walks by or ask any questions.
I finally got it to where he will wave to me as he walks by, mostly cause I bugged him so much when he didn’t.
But he just comes in and then leaves.
That’s his story.

After the weird week I have had, I can’t help but sit here thinking:

Why can’t I be like that?

I mean, why can’t I just be someone who slips past and that’s it?
Why do I have to learn everyone’s name and try to act like we are best friends? Why can’t I only talk when people talk to me?
Why can’t I do mediocre work that fits into the requirement, but will never draw attention?
Why do I have to wear nice looking clothes that make even men comment on them? Why don’t I just wear hoodies and flip flops like everyone else?
Why am I loud?
Why am I different?
Why am I so goddamn gregacious?

Now, this probably is making people roll their eyes. I can see this sounding a little silly.
But when a person doesn’t draw attention to themselves, like my coworker, they don’t have to worry about offending people. Or people strongly disliking/complaining on them. Or stepping on toes. Or being “put in there place”.
Or just plain drawing attention to themselves.
Because you can’t really have a problem with someone who doesn’t interact with you or anyone else.

Now, I get that him and I are polar opposites in our personalities. I can’t be that person anymore than he can be like me.
It’s in my nature to try to be best friends with everyone and to draw attention to myself. (Not in a need for attention way)
His personality is very reserved.

The point is, I’ve been thinking a lot about the “rat race” and “skating through” this week. Just doing the same okay thing.
And I just wish I could do that for a couple months or even a year.
Not try and improve myself or make waves, just float through.
Because I’m tired.
This week was stressful and I was put on the spot.
And I’m tired.
So, I just want to go in autopilot for the next 6 months.

I don’t know.

“If you skate upon thin ice.
You’d be wise, if you thought twice…”


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