The system is down.

I work in tech support now. Tech Support for a company that has around 4000 clients in four countries.
And when our software goes down or even starts slowing a little bit (it’s cloud based) our phones start ringing off the hook. There is suddenly 15 people holding at any moment, the supervisors get really nervous and wanting you to get lots of information from the people on the line. And the engineering team will suddenly start going into over time to fix the issue. The air becomes tense. There is lots of people talking at once
and everything seems frustrating.
Because it affects every aspect of our customers jobs. They can’t do it without our system.
And Our system is down.

When I heard that the government had shut down, I was expecting craziness.
Riots in the streets. Being afraid to leave my house. People freaking out.
But instead everything is fine.
In fact, life just went on.
Nothing really happened when the federal government shut down.
I mean, I know the IRS is shut down and Unemployment is as well. The place where we pay the government and the place where they give that money away are shut down.
And yes the National Parks are closed, but the government doesn’t really own nature, do they?
But other than that, life went on. I had to be reminded many times of the fact that the government is shut down.

I have been thinking for awhile and it really puts things into perspective in terms of politics and elections.
I mean, all the things that politicians and even us as a people sit and fight about all the time, is it really necessary?
I mean, things can shut down and not affect out lives.
I’m sure some people are up in arms about it, but for the most part everyone is fine.
So, are elections really that important? Is it really the governments business who gets married and who gets to do what, when the federal government doesn’t even affect our lives? They are mostly there for foreign policies, as it would seem.

I’m my trying to diminish anything here, just stating that this has given me perspective on politics.
The system is down and clearly flawed (Surprise, people are flawed) yet we are all still here doing the things we normally would with or without it.
So, it just seems a little silly now and like it really wasn’t designed to help any of its citizens or at least it doesn’t anymore.
It’s just there as a ghost of a good idea that became greedy and out of control. A ghost that professes its importance daily and meddles in things it shouldn’t, just so it feels important.
A ghost that is there more for other countries than the one it was made for.
A ghost that is there more for stirring the pot, but if it’s there or not, life goes on without it.
It just makes it really hard to care about it after something like this that shows it really doesn’t mean anything better for me.
It’s just superfluous.

You can’t see me shrug.


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