Good Morning Saturday!

Okay, it’s 7 am on Saturday morning.
You see, without the alarms that wake me up at 5 am, 5:30 am and 6 am on the weekdays, I am proud to say I can make it all the way to 6:45 am as far as sleeping in goes.

I was hired on full time this week. Or certified as my company calls it.
Which was awesome. I’m really glad that happened, because I’m really good at this job.
I’m really good at talking to people and walking them through tech support situations. I kill at that.
But there is one thing I have noticed the last few weeks while working, it’s a good thing I was hired on cause that’s all I do.
And not in a workaholic type way, but just in general.

I just noticed that working is all I do. I go to work, then I come home and work out then go to bed. That’s my life. I don’t really do anything else.

Part of that comes from not having any money. I spent all of my last checks extra money on my brother and that trip.
If not I would be at the movies far more often than I am. And maybe also karaoke.
So, for the most part Saturdays are a real bummer. Except for one thing.

Saturday is the one day that I have designated for a cheat day for myself. I do a lot of dieting and working out all week and Saturday is the one day I get rid of all that.
I don’t get crazy like I used to where I would go to a buffet and eat all the dessert ever.
Now it’s mostly small things I wanted in the week but didn’t have.
But most importantly I get to dress in an ugly sweater (my favorite winter attire…it’s awkwardly funny) and I get to go get a chili dog at the gas station.
I know I have mentioned this before and I understand its a bit strange, but honestly gas station hot dogs are my favorite food. With a slurpee.
It’s really all I want besides an alien best friend.

I feel like I’m on the verge of a break through in terms of my life. I’m not sure what that break through is, but I am.
Until then, this is my life. This is my weekend.

I’m so cool and interesting…


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