People I have not seen.

Last night I went to my brother’s birthday party, like I mentioned.
And going to one of my brother’s “functions” where all his friends are always makes me a little nervous. You see, most of these people are people that I grew up with and they have known me since I was 10, but also have not seen me since I was 15.
I was a horrible teenager who pretty much was constantly judging and meddling with their parties/anything I could.

To quote my brother from yesterday:

I wouldn’t want to talk to you when you were 15. I didn’t even want to know you at 15.

Well, there is one of my brother’s best friends that I know, but have never really talked to him before. We have been in the same room a lot though over the years.
He walked into the party last night and I of course let him know that I was myself and not his sister.
He said he knew, he had one memory of me in particular…

When the movie Transformers came out my brother and all of his friends came over to watch it.
Then I walked out and started yelling about how every time I came out they were watching that movie. Then I screamed to watch something else. When they said no, I went up to the DVD player, took the DVD out and broke it in half so they couldn’t watch it.
Much like a monster four year old would do.

My brother’s friend let me know that to this day he has still never seen Transformers.
Then this gentleman’s girlfriend let me know that she had heard this story so many times, even when they weren’t talking about Transformers.
I just laughed.

First off at the ridiculousness/awfulness of my former self. It’s embarrassing that I would do stuff like that.
But I also laughed, because it was so strange for me to think that someone I have barely spoken to could/would be telling stories about me. And tell it so much that his girlfriend was sick of that story.
That’s a weird turn of events from someone I thought didn’t even know I existed. Even if it was a story that illustrates what a monster I was and may become again.
Also, I gave him permission to blame me for other things that go wrong in his life. Just say things like:

Well, I was going to go to the dentist, but then Corrie just walked in and slashed my tires.

I give everyone this permission as well. When things don’t go right, definitely say it was me.
And I will just be over here preventing the viewing of Transformers, one person at a time.


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