I’m just “resting”.

Do you remember when you were little and your mother wanted you to take a nap, but then you told her you weren’t tired?
And she would then say “Just go rest.”
Or maybe only my mother did that.
So, do you remember my mother saying that?
Because I sure as hell do.

I used to remember thinking “Is laying around in bed all day really going to make me feel any different?”
Probably not. She probably just said that to get me to go lay down in for awhile, to see if I fell asleep.

I’m still sick.
And apparently no one knew I was super sick until Friday, when I was actually sick all week.
Is it weird to say I am proud of this?
I mean, there are always those people who will sit and complain like the world is ending when they get sick. Or even worse, when they are on their period.
And you just have to listen to it.
But no one could tell that I was sick and wanted to kill myself.
I love that. Keeping it calm and undetectable.

Anyways, yesterday all I did all day was literally just “rest”.
I laid in bed and watched crappy television while eating a ton of candy and cough drops.
Which brings up an issue I am having, why can’t cough drops taste like candy?
What is Science doing?


Anyways, along with Resting, yesterday was my cheat day.
So that’s why I was eating lots of candy.

Know what
the best thing about Twizzlers is?
If you pull it apart just right, you can tie knots in each piece with your tongue.
It’s basically the string cheese of Candy.
And Cowtail Cremes are an extremely underrated candy.
Boston Baked Beans are the best, even though they are trying to put up a front man like Mr. Peanut.
And there is a type of generic Oreos you can get at the Dollar Store that is better than regular Oreos.
These are all things I thought about yesterday when I laid in bed for 24 hours.

Anyways, I wish being sick was like being depressed where you could just wake up and decide you’re not going to be sick anymore.
Doesn’t work that way.
But I’m over it.


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