The Sweetest Word…

So, I once read the first few chapter of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’
I’m not sure if I just couldn’t be bothered to read the rest or if I just got bored.
But this is a shining example of why people should put the most important information in book in the first 5 chapters.
Not really. Maybe just in self help books.

Anyways, I grew up in a very sales and outgoing family. My father was heavy into giving lectures about how to be friendly and to talk to anyone.
Not so much anymore, I think my parents were too tired when they had their second batch of kids.
But he used to give us lectures that were very much like the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.
So, I am not shy. Being shy is not an option in my family. My parents believe that being shy is a learned habit instead of a personality trait.

In the book, one of the chapters states:

The sweetest word in the world to a person is their own name.

I have this talent, although I have heard its more of a gift, where I can remember names.
I have posted before about how much it bothers me when I get a person’s name wrong. This is because I am so good at remembering names.
So good that if I hear someone mention a name to someone else, I can unusually remember the name they mentioned.
I’m a pro.

Now, I was thinking in the shower earlier about my new job. (Totally think about my coworkers in the shower. Oh Baby!)
I was thinking about the layout of the top floor of my new job and how I can picture everyone at their desk and I know all but 5 of their names.
Pretty proud of that.

But mostly it makes life fun. Because even if they don’t know my name, I can still walk through the building saying “Hi” to everyone. Which I love doing.
And then I can compliment you. Which I also love.
But the best part is that it feels awesome to have so many acquaintance-friends.
Kinda makes me feel like the work Prom Queen as I walk through the building.

Yep, just wanted to let you know I’m Prom Queen in my head. That’s all.


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