Just a Real Thought.

You know, I was writing out a post and then I just decided to post something real about myself that no one knows.

Sometimes I pretend to make out with my body pillow.
Is this weird? Probably.
Do I pretend its someone in particular? I used to when there was someone, but not so much anymore.
Mostly I just end up doing it because I cuddle with my body pillow and sometimes it’s nice to close your eyes and give someone, or at least something even though it sounds weird, a few kisses before going to sleep.
Again, I may just be weird and shouldn’t admit to things I do in my spare time.

But actually admitting to this reminded me of when I was younger. I remember there used to be small things that I would do (like kissing my pillow) that I remember thinking:

Oh, I just won’t do that when I am grown up.

I distinctly remember thinking that I would grow out of a lot of things and then that magic time “when I was an adult” all my odd quirks, that would be embarrassing if someone knew, would just go away.
Then I distinctly remember when I was around 19 realizing that I had grown up and those quirks were still there.
What the heck?

Anyways, there is no where else I really want to take this post. I mostly just thought it would be cool of me to admit to something no one knows about me on my blog.
I kiss my pillow goodnight. And not even pretending its a person, I just apparently have a need to give Goodnight Kisses.

You can’t see me shrug.


3 thoughts on “Just a Real Thought.

  1. I have a million dollar idea involving body pillows, but, sadly, I’m no creative engineer, just an idea person…
    My cousin (who is an ass) calls my body pillow my pretend boyfriend… sheesh…

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