Ugh, one of THOSE nights.

So, I am having one of those nights where I am laying in bed thinking…except its a little different.
You see, my parents just moved into a new place, which I live with them (which will change soon) so technically I’m in a new place as well.

Well, in the first month of us living in this house, there was a leak in the downstairs bedroom, which just so happens to be my brother and I’s bedroom.
So, we have our mattresses on the floor of the kitchen/dining area.
Also, my brother apparently likes to listen to the Beastie Boys before going to bed.

All of these factors make contemplating life late at night slightly more difficult, yet I am somehow accomplishing it. And not just accomplishing this, but having the worst kind of contemplation.
Tonight the topic in my late night head show would be that of my ex boyfriend.

You see, I accidentally called this ex boyfriend about two months ago and he has kind of been on my mind since then.
I might have unresolved feelings there.
In other news, I am very itchy tonight and it has been a super hot day today.

Just thoughts. Late at night. Great.


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