Karma stuff.

Okay, I have worked in a few offices in my time. So I am fairly familiar with the types of issues that can happen in an office situation.
Just like any job, there will always be clashes in personalities and issues that arise along the way.
But the problem with an office job is that most of the time it is people who are confided to a very small space.
So, in my experience, some people have an excellent way about them of turning a small, professional environment into high school.

Another thing that I have noticed about life: whenever you rant to someone about another person putting you down or just being plain mean/rude, they always seem to say the same thing:

Block them out. Just focus on you.

Now, this is good advice…except I am focusing on me. And one thing I noticed while I was focusing on me is that I don’t like that. In fact, it makes me very unhappy and angry when people act that way.

So, here is my question about focusing on yourself in those situations…Is everyone doing that?
I mean, seriously. Is the world just full of people who are more self secure than me who don’t get upset when people are outright disrespecting them?
What the hell everybody?

Okay, when people talk crap about anyone at work, I do get very angry. To the point that I want to approach these people and let them know how I feel about them, since they so kindly cannot control themselves in expressing their opinion.
But then I stop myself and realize that this is a workplace. And I could get fired for saying something like I am wanting to say.
So, here is my second question, are those people who like to put others down not worried about their jobs when they say something?

And here is my big question, is karma going to pick up these people at some point?
Because I don’t say anything when they bad mouth me, because I don’t want to get fired. The other people don’t say anything when they bad mouth them, because its a workplace and again, they don’t want to get fired.
No one is going to tell the supervisor, because no one wants to look like an idiot.
So, at what point will these people learn that it’s wrong to talk about people like that, especially to their faces?
Or do they just get to treat people that way?

Just some academic pondering.


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