This is Real Life.

So, this morning I have started about 3 different blog posts that I have gone back and deleted them.
I’m not really sure what I want to say. To be honest I am a bit bummed at the moment in terms of my blog.

It’s been about two months now that I haven’t had consistent Internet access in my life.
We have moved and I’ve had a weird summer (as I have mentioned).

So, I feel like my blog has been a bit of a one note lately.
I haven’t been able to paint or post pictures of my paintings. I haven’t been able to post any music and explain it. I haven’t been able to make a video like I promised, which makes me feel a little bad.

All I am posting is the weird thoughts and occurrences that happen to me. All the bizarre things that I can’t discuss with people that I post here.
Which I normally post those things anyways, but I post other things too, so it’s not as weird.

But the biggest reason that I need to get Internet is how much of a bad idea it is for me to be posting via mobile phone.
Not because it isn’t convenient or that it doesn’t work, but simply how I blog.

Let me paint you a picture of how I blog, I think you are all old enough to hear this.
When I blog, it is not just someone sitting at a computer typing or just someone texting on a phone.
This is a conversation on my end.
I sit and say almost every single line that I am writing. I also make every single reaction face to what I am saying.
No big deal.

Except right now I am on my phone. Which means a lot of my blogging is done either late at night, on my lunch break in my car or times when I am just waiting or biding time.
Like yesterday I started writing a blog post while I was sitting in a waiting room. Or today I am blogging while at my parents church.
And I don’t sit and talk to myself while I blog in a public place, but I will sit and mouth the words to myself.

So, you are sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room and there is a girl sitting in there waiting who keeps making faces and mouthing words to her self.
How do you feel about this?

Honestly, I just looked up and made my reaction face to that scenario.
…Turns out one of the bishops to my parents church was staring at me at this exact moment. While I was making a weirded out face.
We shared a lovely, awkward 10 seconds of eye contact. I’m not sure what he was thinking was going on, but it probably wasn’t good.

The point is, blogging is turning me into that weird homeless man who sits in front of Del Taco screaming at no one.
Thanks a lot you guys!


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