I might have been drugged…

Last night I was at this weird party. (Famous last words?)
You see I go with my sister to some of her church activities sometimes. And through doing this I have of course met a few people.
One of these people would be that of the host of this party.
He is a really weird guy who is very hard to talk to, but apparently really likes me as a person. Plus he is such a nice guy that I should just go to his party.
Or at least this is what my sister told me when trying to convince me after I said no.

Let me just paint a picture of what this party was like. There were only around 12 people there, including my sister and I.
When I walked in Space Oddity was playing. The walls are covered in psychedelic beaded….art? Except for a picture of a Mexican Jesus by the door.
Which is confusing, since they are all white. The mother of this man was wearing, I kid you not, bell bottoms.
The topics of conversation at this party ranged from what your spirit animal is to villainous corporate CEOs and making fun of modern consumerism…
One girl was telling me about how she is a jazz musician and taking an “Jazz Oral Skills” class.
Another just sat in the corner playing an accordion and staring at me very intensely.
At another point someone walked up to me and handed me an Asian looking metal bowl with a brown thick stick that I was supposed to make noise with it.
She ask me:

Have you ever felt the power of a singing bowl?


About twenties minutes into this party I literally sat and thought

What is the most existential thing I can say to these people?

Just so I could fit in and not seem like that antisocial person who sits at the back of the party eating their weird health snacks.
So I just brought up different psychological states of mind…It was all I could think of!
Well, ten minutes after that someone approached me and said:

I feel like you’re one step ahead of all of us. Like you have it all figured out.

Then they just stared at me like they wanted me to confirm this. But I really I was mostly just thinking “Where the hell am I?”

Anyways, at around 10:30 I remember I started rubbing my eyes really, really hard. Like out of no where I felt like I was going to exhaustion, but it wasn’t like a normal exhaustion. It was like an irritation and my brain was shutting down.
I remember standing up and all off a sudden I was nodding off. Out of nowhere.

Then when I was driving home (Yes, I did drive myself home. Just because I’m out of it doesn’t mean I’ll let someone else drive my car. Death first.) as I was driving home, the world was a blur.
It was like everything was dancing and vibrating around.
And I kept feeling my brain shut down again.
My sister just thought I was tired, but the thing is there is no reason for me to reach that kind of exhaustion when I sleep 6 hours every night and don’t have a strenuous job.
When I finally got home and looked in the mirror, my eyes were practically glowing red. I have never seen my eyes so bloodshot before.
Then this morning when I woke up, I felt like crap. I felt like I had the worst kind of hang over there is. It literally felt like i was hung over. All day my head felt horrible.

It was during this hangover time that it first came in my head that I was possibly drugged. But I kept dismissing it.
I mean, it’s not like I was at some sleazy bar. No, I was at someone’s house that goes to my sisters church.
I mean, church people have good solid morals. They don’t even drink, let alone drug young girls.

But then I realized that there was only one person at that party besides my sister and I that I know very well.
Everyone else was just an acquaintance and I was assuming they were a certain way based on one small fact about them.
And that I put a lot of trust into people that I do not know very intimately.

Not to say that I won’t trust people anymore, but it was just an eye opening experience.
I probably will not know what happened last night or why someone drugged me.

But yeah…


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