Life is long and I say questionable things.

Alright, I am a very verbal human being.
Which for some reason when you mention that you talk a lot, people assume you are a bad listener. I am not a bad listener, but I am not a bad talker either.
There are just some people on this world who do a lot of spectating and they don’t have much to say. But then there are also people in this world who do a lot of spectating and do indulge others with their thoughts.
Then they may occasionally blog about it.

Anyways, there are many days where after I have been hanging out with a group of people for a long period of time, I will lay in bed and just think about all of the questionable things that I might have said in the course of that day.
Things that might have offended someone. Things that most likely do not portray me in the best light. Things that I probably should have not said in front of other people.
The list goes on about all the types of questionable things I might say in a given time period.
The point is that late at night I do end up laying around and regretting a few of the things that I have said during the day. Even if I do not know how to fix making these mistakes, I do feel bad that I possibly have made them.

Well, last night I was in the middle of my reviewal of my various statements of the day and someone happened to be texting me around this time.
And I slightly tweeted some of the thoughts that transpired between the two of us, but let’s face it, who takes things tweeted seriously?
I mean, today I tweeted something about the mob. How would you know I was being serious in a tweet with that happening?

But somehow we started talking about how if you were looking for someone in this world, it should be someone or a group of people who’s actions don’t confuse you and someone that you can completely not worry about you say with.
Which this probably seems like a given, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more that seems like such a rarity.
I mean, my family is not a group of people you can say anything with. In fact the opposite, they are more inclined to call you out on things than anyone else.
My really good friend that I spend most of my time with just doesn’t say anything when I say something slightly judgmental. She just doesn’t react. Which doesn’t work, because then I’m just left thinking:

Uh, should I say it again? Did she hear me? Was what I said that bad?
What do I do here?

That’s actually not as fun as it sounds.

The point is, there really is no one I know that I could go to bed at night and not worry if I have committed some huge social taboo with.
And maybe that is the meaning of life. To find people who accept your life in any situation.
Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

The point is, life is a really long process and I haven’t even been doing it that long, but I’m wondering when you hit the safe zone of not constantly worrying about whether you have offended someone with their social requirements.

Oh Well.


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