First Day of a Long Time…

So, it is about 6:38 in the morning and I am laying in bed with full make up, a blouse, skirt, nylons, and heels. Let’s see if I can nap it up real quick.

Okay, I woke up at 5 am this morning am I’m feeling a little bit like its the first day of school.
I laid out my clothes the night before, like the first day of school. I completely over thought how much time I would need to get ready and be there, so I am waiting like the first day of school. And I am nervous. Really nervous.
Today I am starting a new job. A career type job. One that pays a lot, mostly as a way of getting you to feel obligated to stay, I’m sure. And that I actually working.
I feel like if I can get through the first 6 months, I am going to have to stay for at least 3 years, but probably a full on 5.

Now here’s the thing, my last job didn’t go so well. I don’t want to compare it in terms of Pearl Harbor, but it was pretty damn bad.
And I was let go.
That really was upsetting for me. Especially since I have always prided myself on being an awesome employee and someone who could really improve a company.
Not so much in that case. I understand I was dealt a bad hand there, but it still got to me.
Which means I learned a lot.

What did I learn? I learned not to try and be really good friends with your coworkers. Don’t try and joke around with them or try to engage them.
Just keep to yourself.
I also learned to just do what you are told. Again, keep to yourself and your job. Don’t try to improve on things or have ideas. You are there to do the job they tell you.
Keep to yourself, keep to your job. Section off that part of you and just work.

Okay, in case anyone who reads my blog hasn’t noticed, I’m a borderline free spirit type.
And us borderline free spirit types have difficulty suppressing our personalities. Or everyone has trouble with that. I forget which.
The point is, things that make me nervous about this job:

1. Getting fired again.
2. Committing to something for so long.
3. Going against my nature and keeping to myself.

Anyways, Good Morning.


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