This is a planned out post about Aliens.

Okay, yesterday I was trying to write out a post in the new updated version of WordPress for Droid and when I pushed for it to be saved as a draft, it actually posted to my blog.
Someone messaged me letting me know that they were confused as to why my blog post was so short.
Well, it wasn’t supposed to be uploaded.
One person did like both of my accidental blog posts, that person is the one. You’re great.
Then another person messaged me telling me there were typos…
I do not recommend messaging me saying that. I will be very displeased with you if you message me telling me there are typos on my blog. I have had people do it to me before and I was unhappy then too.
It is my blog and if I want to be a bad speller, everyone will have to live with it.
Also, I saw no typos, so certain people can suck it.
I know what I am doing, thanks.

ANYWAYS! Post about aliens and I am going to put the beginning that was posted again.
Here we go:

Alright, I happen to be one of those people in this world who gets really excited at the idea of aliens. I think it is very pompous of us as humans to think that in the vast amounts of ever-expanding space filled with countless galaxies and planets that we are the only living things.
Get off your high horse humanity.

However, I do think a big part of that mentality is the fact that media, movies and crazy people have built up a sort of hype about what these beings are and what they want to do with us.
When we think of aliens the picture that comes to mind is either little green men with huge eyes hoping to probe you or you think of grotesque high intelligence animals looking to kill or exterminate you, probing may still be included.

Small Tangent, I wonder if the probing thing started as like some teenagers joke and somehow caught on. I could see that. It sounds like some immature teenage or twenties male story.

Anyways, people picture these sorts of beings as the common “alien” which we would find in the universe.
Yeah, that does sound a little unrealistic. But then again, so does dinosaurs.

(This is where I am continuing on with this thought)

What I am getting at is that there are people who roll their eyes when they hear about aliens like it is completely impossible, when really it is actually more probable than not.
Now, it is possible that there is other life forms in the universe that are just not very advanced. But no one would like to think that if there is other life in the universe, it isn’t advanced and what the media has portrayed it as.
We do not really want to be the most advanced life forms in the universe, because we really aren’t that advanced as a society at all.
And it would ruin all those stories we have heard all our lives.

Switching Gears, if the aliens were to come and they did happen to be high intelligence beings with a more advanced society than ours, I do not believe that they would be trying to take over or trying to exterminate us, because what could we really offer a society like that?
Come on now.
I do think that they would just probably be trying to discover the universe. Just to figure out what is out there, kind of like we are doing when we send people up into space.
Explore the final frontier.

Anyways, the other night I was sitting in my car with one of my best friends and we were talking. Or at least I was talking. This was around midnight and all of a sudden a large green light flashed through the sky.
When she asked what it was, naturally the first thing I said was that it was probably the aliens.
Then, as we drove away I noticed that the street lights were off. Then I noticed the stop light was off.

So then I suggested an EMT (which would be a transmission that senda out a pulse or a “bomb” that takes out all electronics. Apparently not a lot of people know about those). Except my phone was still on, but still.

Turns out the power went out for about 20 miles around. In fact, all the way to San Diego. But I only saw 20 miles. The only things that were working were the new solar-powered stop lights.

AliensNotice the saying “Feeling weird with Corrie Kartchner”.
Hm. Don’t know how I feel about that.

Anyways, here is what I realized when this whole thing happened (which I still have no clue what happened the other night), that if the aliens were to come down just to discover our world, I am pretty sure we would be the ones to start something with them.
Not the other way around.

I realized that it would be very smart for the Aliens to set off an EMT before touching down, just to make sure that we could not attack them.
But the problem that comes with that is that we are pretty bomb happy as a society. We take anything as a threat and we look to the president to respond.
If an alien ship took out an entire 20 miles of power in the middle of the night just to take a look around without getting shot out of the sky, people would not be happy and they would want someone to retaliate. Because people fear the unknown.

Anyways, it was creepy and most likely not aliens, which is why I stated my true feelings on aliens before discussing something weird that happened that I attribute to aliens.
Also, and I have mentioned this before, but when the aliens do come I am switching sides. I feel it is important for everyone to know what is going down when they do actually come.
I am switching sides and they will love it.



5 thoughts on “This is a planned out post about Aliens.

  1. I’ve always hated how, when most people come across another creature they don’t understand, their first instinct is to kill it. I feel sorry for any aliens who would find our planet.
    Also, if the nearest star is so far away that we couldn’t reach it in our lifetimes, it could mean that aliens wouldn’t be able to reach us either. Maybe aliens will be safe from humanity after all! :-)

    1. I was speaking to a friend about his last night and he mentioned that even if we somehow built a telescope that could see the farthest stars and did find a planet with life on it, we would be seeing it hundreds of thousands of years ago. They could be long gone in reality.

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