I just want to be Clark Kent.

Alright, to start off I want to mention that the title of this post is kind of like an inside joke to myself.
When I first started writing my blog I did a post about how much people treated me differently when I got my first pair of glasses. How they acted like I was a whole new person.
I felt like Clark Kent. And I wrote about it on my blog.Now two and a half years later I am making a reference to myself.
Inside Joke.

Anyways, recently I went in to get a new prescription for my eyeglasses. You have to get a new prescription every year or you can’t buy new glasses (I’m explaining for people who do not know.)
So, my first time going to get a prescription in California. The doctor was a surfer and he had a pony tail.
Because life is one huge cliché.
Another thing about prescriptions is that they charge you to do a contact prescription. They charge you $130 to do this.
So, instead of using my insurance to get a pair of glasses from the doctor’s office, I had to use it instead to just get a contacts prescription.

Okay, one thing about me, I am not a super contacts person.
I like glasses.
I want to wear glasses always. I feel like contacts are way too much work with my make-up and I just prefer glasses.
But it’s important to have contacts for things…funerals.

Anyways, the doctor didn’t just write me a prescription like they normally do on the day of your appointment.
No, he wanted to check my prescription, so he wanted me to come back the next week.
He did this to me 4 times.
So, he didn’t give me a prescription for my glasses and I could not wear my old glasses, because they had my older prescription for 5 WEEKS!
The last time I went in I said they had to write me prescription right then. I told them I didn’t want to come back.
The scheduler said, seriously:

Why? Don’t you like it here?

Hmmm, I am not looking to hang out at the optometrist’s.

It is amazing how much I hated being required to wear contacts everyday.
I kinda felt like there was something missing in my style. I mean, any bug could have flown in my eye at any moment. There was no buffer between my eyes and the outside world.
Anyone could have gone for my eyes at any moment. I was completely exposed.
It was terrifying.

So, buying new glasses I decided to go with a little bit of a different look than my little fake ray bans look. (Picture?)
And not getting that good of a feedback.
When my mother saw my glasses her face kinda fell when she saw them.
When I showed my father, his reply was

You know, it’s hard for me to know whether I like something or not.

Nope. No, Dad. That’s not valid. Well, I understand. When I first looked at them my first thought was “You’re a dork.”
But I find that all glasses are hard to look at when you are first wearing them.
I am getting used to them.

Anyways, here is a pic:

New Glasses - Corrie Kartchner

I got them because I saw them in a Mod Glasses collection and I have secretly always wanted to be a Mod.
They looked a lot better on the collection designer, obviously.
But I thought I would try something new. I don’t know.

This might have been a boring post.
But life goes on.


One thought on “I just want to be Clark Kent.

  1. Since you felt a bit vulnerable without the glasses, you might be a reverse Clark Kent… when you wear the glasses you’re like a female Superman. I think the glasses look nice on you! :-)
    P.S. Congrats on 100001 followers!

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