I had a dream. You were there.

So, sometimes I will have dreams about someone who I barely know that are completely impossible and I find it rather frustrating.
Now, I am not talking about dreams where my mother will suddenly fly around the room and then turn into a horse, because those kinds of dreams are so ridiculously impossible it wouldn’t even be worth complaining about.
Although that would be a really interesting day.
I would most likely freak out.

The other day I had a short, sweet dream that involved one of my neighbors. It wasn’t a sex dream, just a dream of a guy being super sweet. Not completely improbable.
The thing that I do not like about this, is that I have barely spoken to that neighbor.
First off, I happen to feel a little bit like a creep because of this. Not that anything creepy happened in that dream, but imagine if I walked up to that neighbor and said:

I had a dream about you.

Uhhhh. He would probably would move.
Second, I just always wonder why sometimes I have random people in my dream. I mean, really? There are so many other people who I have spoken to more than three times that I could have dream about.

Okay, I like to talk about dreams a lot. I find the whole study of sleep and dreams to be fascinating.
One of my favorite things about dreams is the fact that they cannot fully explain why we have them. There are only a few theories as to why we have them.
One theory says that we have dreams as the subconscious way of testing our reactions to certain situations. Think about every nightmare you have ever had.
That was a test.
It was only a test. Sorry you woke up screaming.

I prefer this theory on dreams, because it adds more purpose to my dreams. Except when you are dreaming about random people you barely know.
What was the test there?

I just want to see how you react to people being nice to you. If you freak out, we’ll work on it.

What the hell subconscious?
Get it together.


2 thoughts on “I had a dream. You were there.

  1. Another theory suggest that dreams are recycling and filtering information that you’ve subconsciously picked up recently. Maybe that could shed some light on why you’ve had that dream, although if dreams are tests then I’m just as confused as you are. :-)

  2. That is a interesting perspective on your dream. The past few months I have been purposely awake during period we normally associate with dreaming. The contrasts between being fully awake and being asleep during this time are interesting. Kinda like the difference between abstract association and mentally clear pattern matching.

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