My worst one yet.

I have been feeling very amateurish lately in terms of painting. I haven’t painted in a long while, because of this.
I began to think “Is it even worth it to paint? Wait til you can take a  class.”
Then every so often you start to get that itch.
That itch to paint something.
I have had that itch for the last couple of days and it was suddenly very important this morning that I fulfill that itch:

05.25.2013 Art

I can’t even begin to express the disappointment I feel when I look at this. Disappointment at my lack of skill and training.
Disappointment that I made (what I consider) to be a beautiful background then ruined it.
In fact, I almost threw it in the trash a few moments ago.

The reason I post this picture anyways is because (like with a lot of my posts) some part of me decided to paint this. Some part of me, not the part that is looking at it now, but some part of me felt this needed to be painted.
Subconciously or other wise.
And just like when I am upset and post a very depressing post, then the next day I read that post and feel embarrassed I keep it up. Out of respect for the part of me who posted that and the part of me that painted that.

I actually don’t think I even finished this painting, but I was so disappointed that I stopped.
I personally feel like painting lines around each of these shapes. It would feel more connected.  I am not sure if I am actually going to do this, but if the empty, unfinished feeling persists and the idea continues to stick in my mind, I will definitely paint it in that way.

Anyways, probably my worst one yet.
But life goes on.



2 thoughts on “My worst one yet.

  1. My painting skills were abysmal a while back. I realized this when I had to paint a tiger for an exhibition but it looked fairly childish and cartoon-like. Since I wanted to be a professional artist when I grow up, I was a bit ashamed and I immediately started practicing and within a few months I could paint quite well (as seen on my blog “”).

    Anywho, I thought you may like to know that elements of your picture are quite good, such as the clouds or the blue background. I believe you really have potential and even with a tiny bit of practice (and your amazing personality) you could be a truly magnificent painter. :-)

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