I like you, do you perchance like me?

Alright. I am 21.I felt like bringing that up, because a follower asked me the other day. So I thought I would announce it again.
My age also tells you a lot about me. Like how I don’t have a career or how I don’t have a family.
But I suppose age is no longer telling about that.
I don’t have those things.

The problem with associating with men around my age (or really anyone) is that there are so many games that they like to play socially.
There are these unwritten rules that some idiot made up and now everyone plays them.
And if you don’t play them, you end up bitter and alone.
I’m sure you know all about that. (Not being bitter and alone, but the games. Or both)

Okay, I am a very direct person.
Not an annoying direct person or an aggressively direct person (I have tact). I am just a person who believes in acting how they feel and being upfront about it.
Even when I was in school and younger, I didn’t want to play the games. Why?
Because I don’t understand these games. There are no purpose to them.
Monopoly? I understand the purpose of that game and I dominate.
Battleship? That’s a game I could definitely get behind.
Social Games?

So, the one social game that I have always struggled with in terms of men is the fact that you are not supposed to tell them you like them. You are not supposed to text them a lot and you are not supposed to act interested.

Let me break down more, Social games tell us that I am supposed to act cold to people I enjoy.

Can’t do it.
If I want to text someone, I am not going to sit and wait 45 minutes to reply just so he assumes that I have a life. If I like someone or I think they are handsome, I am going to tell them and often.
Why? Well I support good self-esteem. I’m weird like that.
I want to be real with people. And when I like someone, I want to let them know.
Because when someone compliments me or tells me they like me, I don’t feel like they have no life or that they are ruin the mystery.
I feel good about myself and I want to associate with them.

So, how is not playing be this social rule working for me?
Mind boggling enough, it’s not.
Men lose interest in me fairly quickly.
One of my blogging friends yesterday said that by telling them how much I like them and being nice to them, I am ruining the mystery and offering myself up on a silver platter.

Again, I don’t get it.
In my mind, offering myself up to someone would be me saying:

Hi, I’m Corrie. Nice to meet you. I will gladly have sex with you and do your bidding now.

Not the alternative of what I do say, which goes like

I really enjoy talking to you. You make me smile.

And as for the mystery, just because I am saying that I like someone doesn’t mean they know everything about me. Doesn’t mean there is nothing else to me besides compliments.
So if that suddenly kills all mystery, then I think myself and the dictionary have misinterpreted what the word “mystery” means.

So, the fact that I am nice and genuine is a social taboo and a huge turn off. Men hate that.

You know what?
They can go straight to hell.
There is this dude there, Satan, and he is the biggest douche ever. You’ll love it.
This guy will straight up torture you for eternity. It will be the happiest forever you’ll ever have.

But seriously. Can’t we just be real?
Can’t we just have a moment where we say what we really think and what we really want?

What I want is a guy that I can hang out with. Not necessarily marry or spend forever with, but spend right now with. A cool guy that I can tell him how handsome he is and how awesome he is all the time. Then I can brag about him like he’s Batman and make him baked goods.
And we’ll watch Jurassic Park and Adventure Time together while I give him lovely kisses. We will also hold hands.

Since I am clearly an anomaly here, I think it’s important to look at what I want objectively.
When re-reading that I threw up in my mouth a little.
What is wrong with this chick? Does she know anything about men and what they want?
She needs to get it together.

I mean, obviously I am a monster and just plain repulsive.
Dating me would be just awful.
C0me on you guys.


One thought on “I like you, do you perchance like me?

  1. This is why I have such difficulty meeting new.friends… Its all.this twisted game now.and people arent even real anymore… i hate the way society has chamged love games from adoring people to hating them.. makes NO sense

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