Sitting At Home Alone All Day

Okay, when I was working, I would always get these text messages from my sister saying things like

I miss you. Quit your job.

Which was unrealistic, but at least my sister dreams big.

Then when I would come home from work, I would be so tired and just want to lay around for the rest of the day and she would be so excited that I was here.
She would want to play and go out and such, when I really just wanted to do nothing.
And it is okay to say that I wanted to do nothing, because I was working 40 hours a week.

Now we have a bit of a role reversal thing going on.
She just got a big job. (You know, career quality. PFF!) And I have no job.
So I sit around all day and do nothing by myself.

I remember when I was a kid and my mother would let me stay home sick from school. And even the times when I really was sick, I would always think “YES! I am going to sit around and watch TV all day.”
Almost like being a home schooled kid.
But then the most crushing disappointment would come: There was nothing good ever on TV until about 2 pm.
It was all Nick Jr. and Mickey’s Playhouse (No one is allowed to have a playhouse, but Pee-Wee).
Which just sums up the point that even as an adult, there is nothing good that ever happens in the middle of the day on a weekday.
You just sit here.
Or nap.

So, by the time people do start to come home from school and from work, you are so excited to see them. You are so excited that there is at least one other person around, so you don’t have to think about how unproductive you were that day.

But here is the difference between my sister and I. Usually when people come home, I still want to do nothing.
I am just a home body and lately my home bodying is in full force.
I don’t know if I am subconsciously bummed about not having a job, or I just am lethargic, but the last week I have wanted to do nothing but lay around.
So I have.
And I need to stop it.
Next week.

HEY! It’s Monster Week this week. You can’t expect me to do anything during Monster or Shark week.
Come on now.



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