On your left you will see a shoe.

Yesterday I had to drive my mother an hour away from our house to pick up her car.
It was kind of nice to drive that far with someone, because I feel you get to really chat with them. I can cover multiple diverse topics in one hour.
I listen too, which often limits the amount of topics I can cover.
But we could still cover a lot.
I go on tangents.

Anyways, when we got to our destination an hour away from our house and we picked up her car and I was about to leave her when she said:

Wait! Don’t you want to caravan?

Okay, you know how sometimes certain people saying things in a certain way that makes them sound like they are going to be the most exciting thing in the entire world?
My mother is excellent at that.
Plus, I had already heard of “caravaning” and it sounded like the title for something really exciting. No one ever explained what it was to me.
So, we decided that we were going to caravan our way home.

Let me explain what caravaning is exactly so no one else mistakes it like I did. It is following someone a long distance to a place that you already know where it is.
Following is so fun in short distances to places you don’t know, we should extend that and do it for an hour and we can’t even talk to each other, just look at the back of each others cars.

…I don’t know who came up with that.
Also, my mother’s gas cap was open the entire time. I tried to call her about it, but she wouldn’t answer.
Probably cause that’s illegal.
I live life on the edge though.

Okay, something that I see all the freaking time on the freeway (and I saw two pairs of them on the freeway yesterday) is people’s shoes.
ALL the time. I think I have seen like 6 pairs of shoes just laying in the middle of the freeway this week.
But it’s not just this week and it’s not just in California. I remember when I was in Las Vegas and you would be driving along then suddenly you are running over people’s shoes….

Why are people throwing their shoes out the window?
Serious question. Not rhetorical.
What the hell everybody?
I don’t even think about my shoes when I am driving on the freeway. Even weirder, I don’t think about my shoes when I am on service roads.
My shoes don’t normally cross my mind whilst I am  driving. Let alone the idea of throwing them out the window. I have thought about throwing my phone out the window, but never my shoes.

Are people sticking they feet out the window and then their shoes fly off?
Did they just not feel like donating their old stuff so they throw it out the window?
Are a lot of people caravaning and the person they were caravaning with made them angry so they tried to throw their shoes at their cars?
Is it like some joke that they made and I never heard it?
Do shoes count under the “no littering” laws?
I am truly confused about this.

Just keep your shoes on people. And your pants.
There are other times to get naked besides on the freeway.

Come on now.


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