I am aware there is an open window in the room.

Okay, my house does not have air conditioning. It needs to ventilate.
I bring this up as a total excuse for why I do the things that I do before I even tell you what I am doing.Full Proof.

So, when I lived alone I used to enjoy walking around in less than fully dressed clothing.
But now that I live with my parents again, I have to be dressed constantly. Fully dressed.
I can’t even walk around or be in a public place in a bra. Public being anywhere but the bathroom when I go to shower.
It’s not acceptable.

Luckily (and this is the only time you will probably hear this in your life) I wake up at 5:30 a.m.
Because I wake up at 5:30, it means that no one else is awake in the morning. So I can put on my make up in whatever attire I choose.
Which I choose attire that won’t get make-up on it.

Well, it is really hot in the mornings downstairs. I am not sure why since it is so freaking chilly in the mornings.
So the less clothes when it is hot in the mornings, the better.
But I also sometimes keep the door open sometimes.

Anyways, the other day my mother came downstairs in the middle of this whole situation.
There were a lot of gasps and uses of my fully name.
She was shocked and embarrassed.
Then she brought up the fact that I showered with the bathroom window shade up.

There are two different reasons why I am not worried about people peeping on me whilst I am naked

  1. No one is up at 5:30 a.m. when I get dressed for work. Or late at night when I take my showers.
  2. I am still overweight, even though I am on a diet and I am the lowest weight I have been since I was 10, I am still overweight. No one is peeping on that.

I know a song that is called “Hey! Wanna throw up? Get Me Naked.”
But the actual lyrics of the song don’t correlate with what I am trying to say in this post.I’m just saying that I was born naked and it’s natural in my own home.
No one cares. Except Mother.

In other news, since we live in a townhouse, I like to ding dong ditch the wall we share when I need a quick laugh.
I will run into the living room and knock on the adjacent wall and then run away.
The running away might not be necessary since I am in my own home and they totally know who is doing it, but the running away makes it fun still.
They have yet to respond.


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