And then I turn my nose up.

I recently realized something about myself and I am not sure if I am really happy about it.

Okay, you know when you are talking to someone and they are constantly trying to sound intellectual and existential. They are always name dropping about art, directors and music that you have never even heard of. And then they want to discuss them in-depth with their big opinions. They want to discuss all the things you could care less about or just have never even heard of.
Then they get into literature and you might as well just shoot yourself, cause death will come before the end of that conversation.
Whenever I am around someone like that I always mentally end up rolling my eyes. It just always strikes me as them being pompous and like they are trying too hard.

Well, the other day I was riding in my car contemplating life and the fact that none of the people I hang out with want to talk about the things I want to talk about….Normal stuff.
Then it dawned on me.
I might, possibly come off as one of those people.

Do I wish people would talk to me about art?
Okay, I paint myself. Hell yeah I wish people would talk to me about art.
I wish people would offer to go to art museums with me, cause museums are just one of those places where going alone makes you feel like you’re missing the other 23 kids in the class.

Do I want to talk about directors and cinema?
Yes. I really do.

Does my heart crave for someone to organically walk up to me and start discussing literature, science, history and music?
Yes. Please. Hurry up.
We’ll do that for hours.

You know how they say that our biggest flaws are the ones we notice the most in other people?
I am wondering if I am having one of those moments going on.
But then I realize that there is nothing wrong with wanting to have intellectual conversations with willing partners. I think that is where people come off as pompous when trying to talk about those things with people who really don’t want to.
Or it’s just when their opinion is the only one. Then they really look smug.

The point is that sometimes when trying to have an intellectual conversation with someone you can come off as arrogant and annoying. I think that might be part of the reason that people feel intelligence is often held over their heads.
I’m not sure. I could have a double standard here.

I don’t know how to end this.
It’s over.


One thought on “And then I turn my nose up.

  1. No, no, no; that makes perfect sense. It is something I can struggle with. XD I enjoy a deep, meaningful conversation and a lot of people dont strive for that on a daily basis. A lot of people just be; going about their lives enjoying the small things and merely SURVIVING. I enjoy striving to gain more knowledge and having those deeper conversations to have better connections with pwople. Maybe we’re crazy girl…. 0_0

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