Rats Desert a Sinking Ship.

Okay, something that has been on my mind a lot lately: When is it okay to switch jobs?
I know there is like this unspoken rule that leaving a job before you have been there at least a year is completely taboo. And I have been in interviews where they discredit a lot of my work experience cause the longest I have stayed somewhere was 3 years.
Employers don’t like that. In fact, a lot of them try to get you to commit to them during the interview. They want someone to stay with them for at least 5 years.
It’s like these companies want someone to marry them.

I have filled out applications before where they have asked how many friends you have who have a new job every month. The answer is zero, but I have met people who do that.
I don’t know how they can find a new job every single month, but they somehow do and they bounce around from job to job.
I am not trying to do that here.

I kinda wrote a couple of posts when I first started working here 3 months ago about how much I didn’t like it. I am overqualified, underpaid and everyone was trying to make sure that I knew they were the boss.
But then things calmed down a little bit. There were still a few things that bothered me and were out of line, but I kinda just went with it. I am in it for the money.
Well, it got steadily worse and worse over these few months all the way up until last week.
Last week, there was not one person in this office who didn’t yell at me at some point. (Or at least everyone I deal with) I was told constantly last week that I was doing a horrible job, I have no authority over anything and basically that my job is irrelevant. I even had one person correct how I talk.
By Friday I kept crying at my desk. Quietly though.
And it was during this quiet crying that I decided I was not going to be talking to anyone at work anymore. I even went as far as gathering a collection of spoons and forks from the break room so I wouldn’t have to go in there anymore. (That’s actually a big deal, because my default programming tells me to be friendly and nice to everyone)

Anyways, when I got home and started to vent to my mother about what was wrong then ended with the idea that I should get a new job, she replied with this:

Corrie, I think you need to stop worrying so much and start thinking of your job as temporary while you go to school.
Also, there are going to be problems with any job that you get.

Okay, first off I am going to be in school for another 2 years. That is temporary, but it’s also not temporary in my mind.

But that is where the dilemma comes into play.
It seems that there is a very thin line between harassment and someone being sensitive. There is a thin line between a hostile work environment and someone just not being able to hack it.
And when things start to go South and fast, I start consider a new job. But as I consider a new job, I wonder if I am just being sensitive and immature or do I actually need to find another job? Then I wonder that if this is just a temporary job and I am not trying to make a career out of it, why put up with things like this?

It kinda makes me think of the Caine Mutiny when Keefer abandons ship at the first sign of trouble. Is that me? Where is the point where you know that someone has crossed a line and if you stay you have no self-respect? When is the moment when it’s a good idea to jump off the ship and no one will fault you for that?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I don’t like spending the majority of my week with people who don’t like me.
What I do know is that Friday I was so depressed from working here that I cried most of the day when no one was looking. What I do know is that I was depressed all Saturday too.
But I don’t want to be depressed. In fact, I shouldn’t be depressed. I am making so many strides in my personal life and doing so many things (outside of work) that I have been wanting to do for so long. I would accept me feeling lonely, I have justifiable cause for being lonely, but there is no way that I should be depressed. I should feel amazing. Amazing and lonely.
Yet even after shedding that depression over the weekend, the second I walked through that door it came back. As soon as I sat down at my desk I was brought back down a few levels from where I was a few minutes earlier.
And I was unhappy.

That seems significant.
But it doesn’t look good on a resume.


2 thoughts on “Rats Desert a Sinking Ship.

  1. Ughh I hate hostile work enviornments..I always lie on job applications and say there was no career growth opurtunities in my last job. or I say there was a lay off. Or I won’t even mention that job at all and say I was babysitting kids for a few months while I found something. But if ur underpaid and under appreciated its definately time to say bye bye ..

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